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28 May 2024

The impact of Customs on Logistics and Supply Chain management

Customs play a pivotal role in the logistics and supply chain management, acting as gatekeepers that regulate the flow of goods across international borders. Understanding the intricacies of customs procedures and their impact is crucial for businesses engaged in global trade. We will see what they are, functioning, advantages, trends, future predictions and their influence […]


08 April 2024

Choosing a Reliable Transport and Logistics Company: 5 Key reasons

In an interconnected world, the transport and logistics company plays a crucial role in the growth and development of other companies. Ensuring timely delivery of products, keeping transportation costs under control, and ensuring customer satisfaction are essential aspects of a successful business strategy. In the current era, where e-commerce is at its peak and globalization […]

data in logistics

13 February 2024

Data in Logistics: Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

In the fast-paced world of logistics, efficiency is paramount. Every delay, miscalculation, or inefficiency can ripple through the supply chain, causing disruptions and impacting businesses and consumers alike. However, in recent years, a new player has emerged to revolutionize the logistics landscape: data. Understanding Data in Logistics Before delving into its implications, it’s crucial to […]

31 August 2023

The Revolution of Big Data in E-commerce

The world of online shopping has evolved dramatically over the last decade. One of the significant driving forces behind this evolution is the increasing role of Big Data in E-commerce. Gone are the days when E-commerce platforms simply served as digital storefronts. Today, they’re data-driven powerhouses, leveraging vast amounts of information to offer personalized experiences […]

optimización logística con IA

26 June 2023

Logistics Optimization with AI: Improving Transport and Logistics Efficiency

In this article, we will examine how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing logistics optimization with AI in the planning and routing optimization in land transportation, providing significant benefits in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved delivery times. Route Optimization AI-powered route optimization goes beyond considering factors such as traffic and weather conditions; it […]

Inventory control in a warehouse

20 April 2023

Supply chain: elements and structure

The supply chain is the set of processes that are responsible for bringing goods or services from the supplier to the end customer. This chain is very important in business management, as it can have a great impact on the efficiency and profitability of a company. The supply chain is made up of several key […]

African American woman working on distribution

02 March 2023

Logistics and distribution plan: productivity improvement

Logistics and distribution planning are essential aspects of any business. Specially for one that aims to increase productivity and achieve growth. It doesn’t matter how big or small An efficient logistics and distribution plan helps a company streamline its processes. Also to reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Embrace Technology In today’s digital age, […]

Person working on an ERP system

18 February 2023

ERP: functionalities and features

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software specially designed to control the flow of information in a company. This type of software is in charge of different internal operations of a company: from production to distribution. Types of ERP systems The fluidity of an Enterprise Resource Planning system and the different factors that affect it […]

A person typing to buy from ecommerce

04 January 2023

5 keys to master ecommerce

Ecommerce is a booming business and there are millions of people who want to participate in the sector. What sets it apart from traditional businesses is the fact that anyone can do it at home. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to running a successful ecommerce store. There are many […]

Guy working Edith boxes in reverse logistics

19 December 2022

Reverse logistics examples in 2022

Reverse logistics is a subset of supply chain management that encompasses the entire reverse process. In retail, this typically involves the sale of used or returned goods at a discount and their subsequent resale. Reverse logistics also takes into account the packaging, shipping and storage of returned products until they can be resold or recycled. […]

Two men working on satefy stock in warehouse

29 November 2022

How to optimize the safety stock?

Safety stock is an important part of the business, but it also requires costs. A good alert system is necessary to minimize stock loss and avoid losses when inventory is below the optimal level. Efficiency allows us to evaluate cost reduction opportunities and optimize our safety investment by maximizing ROI. Safety stock is important, but […]

Person working on inventory

15 October 2022

Raw material inventory: what does it refer to?

We know that raw material is the set of elements, inputs or basic and indispensable materials required by the company for its transformation, so that we can obtain a finished product from it. That is to say, the raw material inventory is the basic food in the productive process of the elaboration of a final […]

senior businessman doing inventory in warehouse

13 September 2022

Logistics and the importance of inventory control

What is an inventory? We know that an inventory is a specifically organized and detailed, ordered and valued list of the elements that make up the assets of a company. Now the main objective of inventory control is to guarantee the availability of a product required by a customer when and how the customer needs […]

Warehouse - global supply chain

25 August 2022

5 examples of the global supply chain

We will try to define what a global supply chain is, also called a global supply chain. Global supply chains are varied, dynamic and complex organizational structures that are constantly evolving in order to adapt to the requirements of the global market. They are also described as global production networks or global value chain. Consequently, […]

young woman doing inventory at a modern plant

28 July 2022

Raw materials in 2022

We begin by defining raw materials as materials that we obtain directly from nature, i.e., natural resources that are useful and valuable to man. Raw materials can be of the following origin: animal (wool, silk, fur), vegetable (plants, seeds, wood), mineral (sand, marble, iron) and fossil (natural gas, oil, coal). Raw materials are all those […]

Manos de primer plano obteniendo caja

25 June 2022

Last mile delivery in logistics: what is it?

Last mile delivery refers to the final transportation of products, goods and even people. This term has its origins in telecommunications, to describe the difficulty of connecting homes and businesses to the main telecommunications network so the term Last Mile Delivery has been coined to refer to the delivery of goods or services that the […]

Woman working on configuration management systems

15 May 2022

3 benefits of Logistics Management 

By definition, logistics is a set of methods and procedures necessary and designed to achieve the organization of a company, in order to carry out its goals or objectives. We can say that logistics management is a fundamental part to achieve efficiency in the supply of products or merchandise, from its point of origin or […]

Supply chain - business woman inspector doing inventory VMI

18 April 2022

Supply Chain: Responsible Targets 2022

Let’s start by technically defining what a supply chain is: “it is the set of activities, facilities and means of distribution necessary to carry out the entire sales process of a product” according to Economipedia. In other words: the supply chain a is mix of different activities within an organization in order to convert raw […]

21 March 2022

PDA: Personal Digital Assistant and Logistics

Logistics is the fundamental piece in the production and supply chain of a company. For this reason, companies must make use of a very specific and well-designed logistics, which allows them not only to produce, but to distribute and have available to their customers, their product in a timely and quality manner. It is here […]

VMI two engineers checking inventory in a warehouse logistics management

22 February 2022

Logistics Management and its importance

By definition, logistics is a set of methods and procedures necessary and designed to achieve the organization of a company, logistics management, in order to carry out its goals or objectives. We can say that logistics management is a fundamental part to achieve efficiency in the supply of products or merchandise, from its point of […]

Recycling, plastic, sustentable

10 January 2022

Reverse logistics: recycling and sustainable packaging

Industries, nowadays, generate more than 30 tons of waste every year in Spain, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Individuals generate more than 20 tons in the same period of time. This is where reverse logistics comes into play. Reverse logistics is that which facilitates the creation of waste collection channels. These channels […]

Cargo - intermodal transport

06 December 2021

Intermodal transport and multimodal transport: differences

In logistics, transport is characterised by the use of different means to send goods. Whether by sea, air or land, it all depends on the type of cargo. Below we explain the differences between intermodal transport and multimodal transport to find out how each of them can help us when transporting our goods. Knowing how […]

Woman working on software

25 November 2021

Software and new technology in logistics

Today, the environment in which we live is characterised by external competitiveness. From the simplest operation to the approach of strategies within the company, such as suppliers and customers. This means that the development of technology in software has been a fundamental key to be able to optimise these operations and promote automation and new […]

Military logistics - military base

25 October 2021

Military logistics: what is it and how does it work?

Military logistics has been part of the history of mankind and has evolved to become a science of application to different processes of the Operational Forces. Many of its theories and applications have been efficiently put into practice in the business world. In this article we will talk about the logistics cycle, the principles of […]

Warehouse productivity

14 September 2021

Slotting: warehouse productivity

Slotting is the process of determining the best location of goods within the warehouse. This improves the warehouse productivity. A good slotting strategy is necessary to ensure the efficient installation of goods. For example, decreasing delivery times or more expensive warehouses mean that companies have to optimize the performance of their storage space to remain […]

Cargo - intermodal transport

24 August 2021

Freight broker agent: meaning

When it comes to carry freight, there are so many things that could go wrong: delays, damage, miscommunication…A freight broker is the one that facilitates the communication between carriers and shippers, in order for the freight or cargo to arrive safely and on time to its destination. What is a freight broker responsable for? A […]

TMS transporting management system

29 July 2021

3 ways a TMS can improve the Supply Chain

Having a reliable software solution nowadays for your transportation management is a must; it is a necessity. Even if many users underestimate the importance of a TMS for their business. A Transportation Management System is an irreplaceable tool that, under the pressure of the pandemic crisis, has been able to reduce the transportation spending in […]

26 June 2021

Relationship between logistics and supply chain management

A supply chain covers the production and distribution of goods and services to all types of customers. And, when well executed, both logistics and supply chain management can give companies a competitive advantage and bring value to their customers. Supply chain logistics is the one that coordinates the storage and shipping of goods (and services) […]

Trucks and trailers

25 May 2021

Trucks and trailers: logistics

There are different types of trucks and trailers that are used to transport goods from one place to another. There are a few of industries that work with these and logistics is one of the largest industries in the world that transport materials. Trucks and trailers can capacitate different quantities of goods. Even though the needs […]

Foto de Tecnología creado por mego-studio - www.freepik.es

29 April 2021

Difference between b2b and b2c: e-Commerce

Business-to-Business (B2B) e-Commerce is the business that sells to another business services and/or products in order to sell it to end-users. Whilst Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-Commerce is the kind of business that sells directly to the end-user without any intermediary involved. Though they both fall under the eCommerce model, the customer experience they offer are different. […]


24 March 2021

E-procurement: Definition, benefits and obligations in 2021

E-Procurement refers to the automation of commercial transactions and electronic contracting. For example, the purchase of products/services between trading partners. E-procurement can be applied either within the private sector (B2B) or between public and private sectors (B2G). Either way, it is most used to refer to electronic communications with public administrations. Commercial transactions between clients and their […]


27 February 2021

Digital capabilities model (dcm) for supply networks

The Digital Capabilities Model (DCM) for Supply Networks has the objective to provide the supply chain a reference model to guide the development of digital supply networks. This model is designed in order to help supply chain professionals and to build digitally-enabled capabilities that are required to transform their linear supply chains into a set […]

Man working on configuration management systems

23 January 2021

Logistics & Configuration Management: Concept and importance

Configuration management (CM) is a process used to establish and maintain the consistency of the performance of a product. This is thanks to a engineering system that also helps to establish and maintain the functional and physical attributes of a product, its design and operational information throughout its life. This process is used with IT service […]


14 December 2020

Top 3 challenges for logistics during covid-19 in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains all over the world. Since it started, technology has become a the number one tool for everyone. The nature of logistics has been changed and highlighted by the crisis. Therefore, some challenges have come with it. These challenges go from much less cargo capacity to high demand due […]

warehousing - raw materials inventory

26 November 2020

E-commerce warehousing and order fulfilment: 3 strategies

Ecommerce warehousing is where the storage of merchandise is before they are sold online. Warehousing includes safely storing of products, as well as tracking them and inventory. Ecommerce warehouse management Ecommerce warehouse management refers to daily operations in the warehouse that include things like: training and managing staff, managing inventory, equipment, building and maintaining, keeping […]

renewable sources

31 October 2020

Transportation and energy: renewable sources of energy for transportation in 2020

In quarter 1 2020, global use of renewable energy in all sectors increased by 1.5% relative to quarter 1 2019. Renewable electricity increased by almost 3% mostly because of new wind and solar PV projects. Along with depressed electricity demand, during the Covid-19 pandemic, power grids have managed heightened shares of wind and solar PV. Also, the […]

guy working on an automated system

30 September 2020

Automated logistics management support system (almss)

The history of logistics and automation go hand by hand. From the steam engine to today’s robotics and new machinery. So now a days, many trends are driven by automated logistics in order to top the logistics agenda. Contract logistics and parcel companies particularly stand to benefit. So, automated systems are on the table at logistics […]

group of people working and a woman owner of a trucking business

31 August 2020

Becoming an owner operator trucking business: how does it work

If someone wants to start their own business in logistics, there are factors they need to keep in mind that are specific to the trucking industry. Here are five of them: Self-evaluation Before starting in the trucking industry, you have to ask yourself what are going to be your long- and short-term goals for your […]


29 July 2020

Simplified logistics: Tracking number, shipment and parcels

In simple words, logistics is a term that generally means: management of transportation of information from place A to B. Logistics involves: inventory, packaging, supplies, transportation, tracking number, and occasionally, social security and warehousing. Why Logistics is important? The major role that logistics plays in many small businesses is the focus on their products and services […]

online shopping with credit card and laptop computer

26 June 2020

Dropshipping business in 2020: Profitability pros and cons

The concept of dropshipping is simple: a company has to list products on an online platform (eCommerce). The products are manufactured and held by a third party (supplier). When someone places an order to a company (seller), the third party ships it directly to the consumer. Development Many dropshippers have emerged in China, since 2006. […]

rep concept

24 May 2020

Top 6 differences between ERP and GRP

The ERP and GRP systems focus on different stages of a production. The first one focuses on every stage of product life cycle (manufacture, storage and selling). And the second one focuses on the group level organising, the internal coordination and the assets operation. But what does that mean? Enterprise resource planning ERP is an […]

senior businessman doing inventory in warehouse

27 April 2020

Cross docking in inventory management and supply chain

Cross docking reduces the need to store products in a warehouse. It involves less material handing and inventory delivering products from a manufacturing plant directly to customers. This can happen with little or no material handling in between. In most cases, the products in inventory that have been sent from the manufacturing plant to the […]

VMI two engineers checking inventory in a warehouse logistics management

26 March 2020

VMI: The benefits of the Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a business model. Is a process where the vendor creates orders from information provided by their costumers. And the vendor takes full responsibility by an agreement between the customer and vendor for maintaining an inventory of the material, fill rates and costs. This arrangement can improve the supply chain performance […]


25 February 2020

The Embedded 3PL Relationship: What it is and why is it important

For any partnership to work, it is vital that all sides are on the same page when it comes to goals, strategies and outcomes that want to be achieved. According to Dictionary.com, the word “embedded” means: To fix into a surrounding mass: to embed stones in cement. To surround tightly or firmly; envelop or enclose: Thick cotton padding embedded the precious vase in its box. To incorporate or contain as an essential part or characteristic: A love of color is embedded in all of her paintings. What is an Embedded 3PL Relationship? The true idea of an embedded Third Party […]

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