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optimización logística con IA

26 June 2023

Logistics Optimization with AI: Improving Transport and Logistics Efficiency

In this article, we will examine how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing logistics optimization with AI in the planning and routing optimization in land transportation, providing significant benefits in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved delivery times. Route Optimization AI-powered route optimization goes beyond considering factors such as traffic and weather conditions; it […]

Person working on an ERP system

18 February 2023

ERP: functionalities and features

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software specially designed to control the flow of information in a company. This type of software is in charge of different internal operations of a company: from production to distribution. Types of ERP systems The fluidity of an Enterprise Resource Planning system and the different factors that affect it […]

21 March 2022

PDA: Personal Digital Assistant and Logistics

Logistics is the fundamental piece in the production and supply chain of a company. For this reason, companies must make use of a very specific and well-designed logistics, which allows them not only to produce, but to distribute and have available to their customers, their product in a timely and quality manner. It is here […]

VMI two engineers checking inventory in a warehouse logistics management

22 February 2022

Logistics Management and its importance

By definition, logistics is a set of methods and procedures necessary and designed to achieve the organization of a company, logistics management, in order to carry out its goals or objectives. We can say that logistics management is a fundamental part to achieve efficiency in the supply of products or merchandise, from its point of […]

Woman working on software

25 November 2021

Software and new technology in logistics

Today, the environment in which we live is characterised by external competitiveness. From the simplest operation to the approach of strategies within the company, such as suppliers and customers. This means that the development of technology in software has been a fundamental key to be able to optimise these operations and promote automation and new […]

TMS transporting management system

29 July 2021

3 ways a TMS can improve the Supply Chain

Having a reliable software solution nowadays for your transportation management is a must; it is a necessity. Even if many users underestimate the importance of a TMS for their business. A Transportation Management System is an irreplaceable tool that, under the pressure of the pandemic crisis, has been able to reduce the transportation spending in […]


24 March 2021

E-procurement: Definition, benefits and obligations in 2021

E-Procurement refers to the automation of commercial transactions and electronic contracting. For example, the purchase of products/services between trading partners. E-procurement can be applied either within the private sector (B2B) or between public and private sectors (B2G). Either way, it is most used to refer to electronic communications with public administrations. Commercial transactions between clients and their […]


27 February 2021

Digital capabilities model (dcm) for supply networks

The Digital Capabilities Model (DCM) for Supply Networks has the objective to provide the supply chain a reference model to guide the development of digital supply networks. This model is designed in order to help supply chain professionals and to build digitally-enabled capabilities that are required to transform their linear supply chains into a set […]

Man working on configuration management systems

23 January 2021

Logistics & Configuration Management: Concept and importance

Configuration management (CM) is a process used to establish and maintain the consistency of the performance of a product. This is thanks to a engineering system that also helps to establish and maintain the functional and physical attributes of a product, its design and operational information throughout its life. This process is used with IT service […]

guy working on an automated system

30 September 2020

Automated logistics management support system (almss)

The history of logistics and automation go hand by hand. From the steam engine to today’s robotics and new machinery. So now a days, many trends are driven by automated logistics in order to top the logistics agenda. Contract logistics and parcel companies particularly stand to benefit. So, automated systems are on the table at logistics […]

rep concept

24 May 2020

Top 6 differences between ERP and GRP

The ERP and GRP systems focus on different stages of a production. The first one focuses on every stage of product life cycle (manufacture, storage and selling). And the second one focuses on the group level organising, the internal coordination and the assets operation. But what does that mean? Enterprise resource planning ERP is an […]

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