Trucks and trailers: logistics


25 May 2021

There are different types of trucks and trailers that are used to transport goods from one place to another. There are a few of industries that work with these and logistics is one of the largest industries in the world that transport materials.

Trucks and trailers can capacitate different quantities of goods. Even though the needs of logistics departments are specific, it changes according to the type or the quantity of good that is transported.

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Trucks and trailers

Each truck has its own capabilities, this means that the transporter has to carefully choose its way to transport goods. This also affects the profit margin of the transporter, so they have to know which option fits best for their goods.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to transporting goods is to move them from one place to another in a specific time lapse without damaging those goods. Down below you will see the different types of trucks and trailers that are used in logistics worldwide.

Semi trailer trucks

The majority of cargoes or goods are transported in this kind of trucks. Semi trailer trucks are one of the most popular types of trucks used in logistics, so they are very much common on the roads.

In one of these, a transporter can load 24,000 kilograms. A semi-trailer truck can be loaded from removing its tent cover from above, or from the side or through its back side. This means that it is ideal for goods that can be stacked.

Trucks and trailers
Blank white cargo truck with tented semi-trailer side view Vector de Maqueta creado por vectorpocket

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Tail lift trucks

Tail lift trucks have a lifting mechanism in order to load goods onto the truck. These are relatively small in size, at least is comparison to the semi trailer trucks. These can carry a maximum of 2,000 kilogram. Therefore, the goods can be loaded only from the back side of the truck and is used mainly on distribution freights.

Jumbo trailer trucks

The jumbo trailer trucks are similar to semi trailer trucks. These trucks can carry 24,000 kilograms and they have more capacity thanks to its G-shaped floor. These trucks are ideal to transporting big size goods as they are very spacious. And they can be loaded from the top, from the sides or also from the back, just like the semi trailer trucks.

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Flatbed trucks

The flatbed trucks are named this way because they have an open cargo bed trailer along with the driver’s cabin. So, flatbed trucks do not have a roof or sides. This makes it is easy to load or unload goods using a crane. Amongst trucks and trailers, this is an ideal truck for durable freight, such as wood, pipes and other construction materials. Which means that it can easily be loaded in to the extended trailer.

Straight trucks

The straight truck, box truck or cava truck, is one of the most common used trucks in logistics when it comes to small goods such as: furniture, home goods, and similar freight deliveries. This is a popular choice among many transporters, as it requires fewer licensing requirements.

Refrigerated trucks

The refrigerates trucks are the type of truck that are used to transport perishable goods, such as: agricultural products, pharmaceuticals products, or food like vegetables and fruits. The most common type of refrigerated trucks is the semi trailer truck. These type of trucks can control the inner temperature which makes it suitable for the goods named before.

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