Supply Chain: Responsible Targets 2022


18 April 2022

Let’s start by technically defining what a supply chain is: “it is the set of activities, facilities and means of distribution necessary to carry out the entire sales process of a product” according to Economipedia.

In other words: the supply chain a is mix of different activities within an organization in order to convert raw materials or component parts all the way to finished products and/or services.

This ranges from the process of raw material selection, its processing to transform it, the actual manufacturing of the product, its transportation and distribution to delivery to the consumer or final destination.

In other words, a supply chain is a strategy and logistics procedure in which all the necessary and indispensable operations are involved, with the sole and special objective that a product or merchandise reaches the final customer in a timely manner and in optimal conditions.

Objectives of a supply chain

The main and specific objective of the supply chain is and will always be to satisfy the consumer’s requirements. The final customer is the goal of this process, for which we must:

  • Deliver goods and services in a timely manner or that the product arrives on time to the customer.
  • Optimize delivery and distribution time.
  • Avoid losses.
  • Maintain and manage a real inventory.
  • Design communication and coordination channels adjusted to the particular needs of the company.
  • Be prepared to cover and adapt to market, supply and demand unforeseen events.

Undoubtedly, we are being protagonists of the e-commerce boom as a consequence of the COVID pandemic, as of March 2020, which has meant an accelerated revolution in the business world. 

The increase in demand for online products has triggered the growth of companies engaged in eCommerce, because it demands a timely and quality response. This can only be achieved with the implementation of an adequate and efficient supply chain, in order to provide goods and services in a responsible and ethical manner.

Warehouse - supply chain
Warehouse workers – part of the supply chain.

In order to optimize logistics, we must take real responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint. By specifying the type of building materials and systems we use in our warehouses, we can contribute to improving the efficiency of our buildings, with zero carbon emissions.

We can also encourage local production and development, and analyze endemic supply chains and their impact on the health and well-being of the communities they serve. Based on these analyses, we can suggest that in order to improve the supply chain during the year 2022, we should aim to achieve the following:

  • Innovation: very important the role that the logistics sector plays in the development of a lower carbon economy. Providing innovative and sustainable solutions in the design of buildings, this is the great challenge, to construct buildings that allow optimizing resources by reducing operating costs, improving their construction materials, lighting, etc.
  • Sustainable mobility: the ideal is to complement the construction of sustainable buildings with the incorporation of charging points for electric vehicles and the use of public transportation.
  • Friendly and healthy workspaces: a friendly workspace is one that provides the worker with a comfortable, well-lit place, with the guarantee of clean air and good quality, motivating and healthy. At the same time, they contribute to maximize the productivity of those who use the space.
  • Commitment to the environment: the best way to establish close and successful working relationships is to develop a sense of belonging. If the workplace environment becomes part of your work, the positive impact will be great. Increasingly, the use of recreational areas, the creation of native gardens and the opportunity to share spaces, promotes well-being and social relationships. This will result in the development of social awareness.
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