Logistics and distribution

The goods are collected, stored, managed and sent in our logistic centers and they are controlled at all times.
Logistics and distribution

Warehouse services for your company

We put at your disposal a digitized logistics warehouse, created to improve efficiency in movements and the distribution of merchandise.
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Collection and national distribution


Urgent service


Special transports


Storage and manipulation


Inventory management


Preparation of orders


Labeling and packaging


Transportation insurance

Logistic services

Our logistics center has specialized personnel in operations management focused on improving efficiency in the supply chain.

This includes reception, storage, preparation of orders, classification, and shipment of goods.

Logistics and efficient distribution

Customized logistics and commercial management

Cost reduction

Our high degree of specialization and experience allows us to offer you the most efficient, fast and lower cost service.

Integrated logistics

We offer a logistics service and comprehensive transport to speed up door to door shipments within the estimated time.


We help you develop and optimize the design and planning of the supply chain.


We have a great human team capable of creating the most efficient distribution logistics, adapted to the demand needs of each client.

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International Air Transport

Spanish Freight Forwarding Federation

Spanish Freight Forwarding Association

International Freight Forwarding Association

Authorized Economic Operator

Good Distribution Practice

Quality Management System

Environmental Management System


Storage and integral logistics

With novocargo you can count on the advantages of storage and distribution of an international logistics company.

We have a great logistics warehouse managed with radio frequency pistolusing QR codes.

Our integral logistics system ranges from the recption of the merchandise to door to door services.

Our offices
From each and every one of the Novocargo offices may have access to maritime, land and air services, from any corner of the world.
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