Sea transport

Our transoceanic sea transport service makes the delivery of the final product safely and without complications.
Sea transport

International Sea Transport Company and Comprehensive Logistics

With novocargo you will have the tranquility of being able to send large volumes of merchandise with total security and at an affordable price.
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International Maritime Transportation Service

We have a team specialized in maritime transport and integral logistics that will study and manage your transoceanic operations.

Our team will always offer you the most favorable and custom-made solutions according to your needs, both in import, export, and triangular operations.

Sea transport of goods

Budget friendly, safe and flexible.

Large volumes of merchandise

Sea transport allows you to load more volumes of merchandise than the rest of the transport.

Sea freight

Thanks to the great load capacity of sea transport, the cost of shipping merchandise is also lower.

International reach

Taking into account that 3/4 parts of the land is water, sea freight transport can reach practically anywhere in the world.

Safe sea shipments

Sea transport is developed more easily before extreme conditions, without affecting circulation restrictions.

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Comprehensive Sea Transport and Logistics Service

Para nosotros es esencial ofrecer un servicio completo, de calidad y personalizado.

Por ello, además del transporte marítimo internacional de mercancías, nos ocupamos de todas sus necesidades logísticas: despachos de aduanas, importación, exportación y operaciones triangulares.

Different maritime containers

We have a wide variety of maritime containers in which to transport merchandise.
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Our offices
From each and every one of the Novocargo offices may have access to maritime, land and air services, from any corner of the world.
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