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Recycling, plastic, sustentable

10 January 2022

Reverse logistics: recycling and sustainable packaging

Industries, nowadays, generate more than 30 tons of waste every year in Spain, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Individuals generate more than 20 tons in the same period of time. This is where reverse logistics comes into play. Reverse logistics is that which facilitates the creation of waste collection channels. These channels […]

renewable sources

31 October 2020

Transportation and energy: renewable sources of energy for transportation in 2020

In quarter 1 2020, global use of renewable energy in all sectors increased by 1.5% relative to quarter 1 2019. Renewable electricity increased by almost 3% mostly because of new wind and solar PV projects. Along with depressed electricity demand, during the Covid-19 pandemic, power grids have managed heightened shares of wind and solar PV. Also, the […]

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