Land transport

Transport of road merchandise with door-to-door service from and to any national destination, or in the main EU countries.
Land transport

Transportation of goods by road with specialized ground growing

We develop custom-made land consolidation services, including the creation of the T.I.R system. in Spain.

Our high degree of specialization allows you to cover any demanding shipment.
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Consolidation services throughout the EU and Eastern countries


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Complete cargo

International land transport services by road

Our team will offer you the shipping mode that best suits your demand needs at all times, from full loads, until terrestrial clipage at a smaller scale.

Pay only for the space you need.

National and European road transport

Easy to track, safe and flexible.

Savings resources and costs

Applying transport management strategies, such as specialized grampage, it is possible to optimize resources and reduce final costs.

Best unforeseen circumstances response capacity

Thanks to the greater control over the transport process, it is possible to respond more effectively before problems and unforeseen circumstances during the transport of goods.

Flexible schedule

Land transport allows sending goods by road in a broad schedule range, without depending on preset routes.

This is a great advantage for the transport of urgent merchandise.

Door to door

The land transport service facilitates the freight of merchandise from the shipping warehouse to its destination.

Without the need to move the merchandise until arrival at its destination.

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Spanish Freight Forwarding Federation

Spanish Freight Forwarding Association

International Freight Forwarding Association

Authorized Economic Operator

Good Distribution Practice

Quality Management System

Environmental Management System


International land transport

Our land transport vehicles have daily departures with movement capacity within the national, intra-community, and third border countries.

Send your merchandise safely with a reduced cost.

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From each and every one of the Novocargo offices may have access to maritime, land and air services, from any corner of the world.
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