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Inventory control in a warehouse

20 April 2023

Supply chain: elements and structure

The supply chain is the set of processes that are responsible for bringing goods or services from the supplier to the end customer. This chain is very important in business management, as it can have a great impact on the efficiency and profitability of a company. The supply chain is made up of several key […]

African American woman working on distribution

02 March 2023

Logistics and distribution plan: productivity improvement

Logistics and distribution planning are essential aspects of any business. Specially for one that aims to increase productivity and achieve growth. It doesn’t matter how big or small An efficient logistics and distribution plan helps a company streamline its processes. Also to reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Embrace Technology In today’s digital age, […]

Person working on inventory

15 October 2022

Raw material inventory: what does it refer to?

We know that raw material is the set of elements, inputs or basic and indispensable materials required by the company for its transformation, so that we can obtain a finished product from it. That is to say, the raw material inventory is the basic food in the productive process of the elaboration of a final […]

Manos de primer plano obteniendo caja

25 June 2022

Last mile delivery in logistics: what is it?

Last mile delivery refers to the final transportation of products, goods and even people. This term has its origins in telecommunications, to describe the difficulty of connecting homes and businesses to the main telecommunications network so the term Last Mile Delivery has been coined to refer to the delivery of goods or services that the […]

Woman working on configuration management systems

15 May 2022

3 benefits of Logistics Management 

By definition, logistics is a set of methods and procedures necessary and designed to achieve the organization of a company, in order to carry out its goals or objectives. We can say that logistics management is a fundamental part to achieve efficiency in the supply of products or merchandise, from its point of origin or […]

21 March 2022

PDA: Personal Digital Assistant and Logistics

Logistics is the fundamental piece in the production and supply chain of a company. For this reason, companies must make use of a very specific and well-designed logistics, which allows them not only to produce, but to distribute and have available to their customers, their product in a timely and quality manner. It is here […]

26 June 2021

Relationship between logistics and supply chain management

A supply chain covers the production and distribution of goods and services to all types of customers. And, when well executed, both logistics and supply chain management can give companies a competitive advantage and bring value to their customers. Supply chain logistics is the one that coordinates the storage and shipping of goods (and services) […]

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