PDA: Personal Digital Assistant and Logistics


21 March 2022

Logistics is the fundamental piece in the production and supply chain of a company. For this reason, companies must make use of a very specific and well-designed logistics, which allows them not only to produce, but to distribute and have available to their customers, their product in a timely and quality manner. It is here where a company incorporates the use of PDA to streamline and optimize its logistics and operation.

A PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, is a small, portable or pocket-sized computer that combines the functions of a computer, a cell phone and a fax machine. It also connects to the network.

They are generally known as Hand-Held Computers. According to dictiornary.com it is:

A highly mobile and compact computer, also called a PDA (personal digital assistant), originally built to function as a personal scheduling assistant. Today, handheld computers frequently provide a convenient connection to the Internet using wireless technology. They are immensely popular in parts of Europe and Asia.

These are known as hand-held computer because they can be used not only as a cell phone, fax, internet browser, but also as a personal organizer or GPS among other functions. Among some of its features are: Touch screen, very simple for anyone to operate. Memory card, they use SD cards and some have USB port. Wireless and wired connectivity.

Those with a USB port generally use a USB cable to connect to the computer or for power supply. Those with wireless connectivity use Bluetooth connection, which allows the possibility of connecting keyboards, headsets, GPS devices, etc.



Being able to connect to the computer is a very important function since we can maintain and transmit the information we have in the PDA to the computer. So we manage real and updated data not only in the PDA device but also in the computer itself. Handheld PC – Advantages of a PDA Technology helps us to control and audit the logistics of the company and PDAs come to form a very significant support tool in this function.

They have different purposes depending on the type of company in which their use is incorporated. The use of personal digital assistant will provide us with greater speed, greater productivity and fewer errors.

By mechanizing the processes we speed up the work and avoid common errors of manual management. Therefore, the use of PDAs has the advantage of increasing product traceability. Since it contains real-time information about the product in question. Whether in its production or reception process, taking as data a certain reference. And the ease of training or staff training, since management is simplified.

The PDA is designed in a simple and concise way so that whoever operates it can do so accurately and quickly. In general, the use of these devices in companies is just a great advantage because it is an easy to use equipment for any worker.

It also includes all logistic operations such as: orders, storage, inventory, returns, shipments, and at the same time it offers additional information as to whether it is urgent or not.

PDA use in companies

Being a portable and easily accessible equipment for any worker, it has become a very useful and indispensable tool in companies, since it includes all logistic operations. We have already talked about orders, warehousing, returns, inventory, shipments and urgency or not.

This is precisely the feature that makes it super useful and indispensable in the operation of a company. Warehouse management for transport companies for example is essential, so the incorporation of PDAs in business operations has become indispensable, the conformity of a customer is known almost immediately through a digital signature.

This streamlines the processes and even centralize them is also an option to be interconnected at the time.

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